How to get started with virtual labs

This whitepaper informs you about everything you need to know to get started with virtual labs; from figuring out what virtual labs are all about and how you can use them, to learning about what hardware and software you'll need and how to get funding.

Whitepaper - getting started with virtual labs booklet

The whitepaper covers:

  • What are virtual labs and why should you be using them in your courses?
  • How can virtual labs be used to help your students reach their learning outcomes?
  • What hardware and software do you need to get started?
  • How can you find the funding for virtual labs and any potential new hardware?
  • The impact of virtual labs: What does the research tell us?

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What’s on the horizon for EdTech in 2019?

This whitepaper takes a look at the current EdTech landscape and predicted trends for educational technology. We asked 14 experts what they think will happen in 2019, and summarized it in four main themes.


The whitepaper covers:

  • An overview of the current EdTech landscape
  • 2019 predictions from selected EdTech experts
  • Four main EdTech trends for 2019

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How will VR virtual labs influence science education now and in the future?

This white paper lays out the need for change in science education and highlights the unique
advantages virtual laboratories offer while also addressing the skepticism surrounding their use. Throughout the white paper you’ll find published research studies evaluating the effectiveness of virtual labs, as well as first-hand case studies from independent educators who have used virtual labs in their courses.


The whitepaper covers:
  • 5 main challenges of today's science education
  • How virtual labs can improve learning and teaching
  • Skepticism surrounding virtual labs
  • Effectiveness of virtual labs: what does the research say?
  • Examples of virtual labs

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